Telegram Airdrop

The “HashFeed Airdrop Campaigns” runs on a daily basis. Campaigns start at the ‘Beginning-of-Month’ and conclude at the ‘End-of-Month’. Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the campaign has concluded.

1. Join “Binance” and get a 10% Discount
Input your email and password

2. Join “HashFeed”
Input your username, email, and password

3. Update Your “Binance Wallet” information
Make sure to join both “Binance” and “HashFeed” using the links above. As Airdrops will be distributed based on the above information. Not joining through the above links disqualifies your participation in the event.

※ Video Guide:

1) Start by sending a message to this Telegram chatbot “@tuna_bot” (Privately via 1:1)

1.1) Then, click the Start button!
2) After selecting your language. Click on the Wallet button.
3) Click the Binance Chain (BNB) button

3.1) Make sure you have joined “Binance”
via the below Link (Users who have not joined via the below link will be disqualified)
4) Input your Binance for “BUSD(BEP2)
– Wallet Address
– Memo

“ = Leave a “Space” in between each section
[Submit the Following Information]

Ex1) /wallet <chain> <Address> <Memo> <UID>

Ex2) /walletbnb 1230234093248023yqwoiehqwoi102093820312345678

Ex3) /wallet bnb 1230234093248023yqwoiehqwoi1 020938203 12345678

※ How to Find “UID”
Ex) 12345678 [8-Digits]

※ How to Find “BUSD(BEP2)” Address
Ex) bnb1234asdf1234asdf1234asdf1234asdf123
5) Now it is time to move back to the Telegram community!

5.1) Tunabot will randomly select the winners who are active in the community!

5.2) If you are selected as a winner, you will receive BUSD
6) Click the Verification button to receive the BUSD token airdrop.
7) After you click “Verification” the BUSD token will automatically be sent to your Binance Wallet.

7.1) You can click the Transactions link for more details.
8) You can also check the BUSD airdrop on the Binance Wallet
9) You can also check the transaction on the “Binance Chain Explorer”

[Terms and Conditions]

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